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Technology develops rapidly! As the needs of our customers and the associated companies, that grow and qualify significantly.

Human Resources of Terra-Micro are always within the edge of technology, searching for advanced, high end products. Our goal is to transfer knowledge across people, continuously, people who honor us with their trust, rewarding them by promising that our products meet their requirements, having though the best price-performance ratio.

Terra-Micro collaborate with cutting edge brands and trade their products, including a huge variety of modern technologies. All edge products, being represented by Terra-Micro, are continuously being replenished, offering our company the advantage to fulfil every need of our customers.

We steadily aim for constant evaluation of our customers’ needs, a prompt service and the lowest possible price available.

Telefon:+49-1575-532-4217 TERRA-MICRO GBR
Email:info@terra-micro.de RISS-STR 19
www.terra-micro.de 88400 BIBERACH
ID Number DE295331745
ST.NUMBER 54011/21084
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